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10-Jul-2017 00:43

It’s simply unrealistic to expect everyone to do what WE want them to do. If we go on a date and I don’t like them, I’ll normally drop them a text to say so.

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Sure, Evan Marc Katz could claim that his online-dating business will find you a partner in only three short months (for a limited time only, while supplies last).Just remember: the RIGHT guy will most DEFINITELY call you the next day.It makes sense for most dating coaches to tell you white lies — but I'm telling you the truth.You can get upset at me because I defend women who delete men.

Women can get upset at me for making the observation that men generally prefer younger, thinner women. Especially if she knows that an email will incite another email from you, asking for an explanation or another chance. You’d have a few thousand women who read this blog that would nod their heads and go back to deleting the tons of email they receive. What I find more productive, Anthony, is telling you that THIS IS THE WAY IT IS.